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What is bubble hash?

Bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate. It is prepared using ice water. Bubble hash is one of several different extracts of cannabis. It is mostly brown in colour. It is a bit solid. Bubble hash is made by extracting the structures that contain most of marijuana’s active ingredients. Bubble hash is a good quality form of hash that has multiple trichome heads. Contact us if you need it urgently.

How to use Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is used in many ways: in vaporizers, in bongs, in pipes, and in the joint itself. It can be mixed with cannabis or tobacco. Hash is mixed with butter to make edible hemp, which is great for this pandemic season when smoking isn’t recommended.

Effects of Bubble Hash

Its effects are like that of cannabis. Because of its purity they can be more intense. Some of them may contain more than 50% THC and used alone can be a trigger for anxiety attacks.


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