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Sharp OG, in any case called 818 Headband, is a cross of two unbelievable strains – OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Buy the sour og for sale

Unforgiving OG is a 50/50 creamer strain that offers a fair Sativa/Indica sensation, a working mind and calm body. The THC level generally sits at around 20% when grown fittingly with insignificant CBD substance of for the most part 0.2 percent. This strain won first spot in the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Michigan mutt arrangement. Purchase the acrid OG from us.

The strain is green with pearls and orange hair. The buds are round, thick, and cheap with immense trichomes, the appendages on the plant. Harsh OG smells like lemon, pine, and gas, with a fruity and sweet inclination. A couple of fans have portrayed the taste as like nothing you have anytime tasted beforehand. we giving the excellent Sour OG online on our web.

Right when you pick Sour OG, you can expect to feel quiet and feeling extraordinary. It won’t drag you down and you can regardless finish things. The high goes on quickly, gets outrageous, and scatters following a few hours, when you will dial back regardless feel free. You can observe low cost Sour OG just here.

Remedial clients value the strain for its alleviating impacts. People with torture, misery, apprehension, and stress use Sour OG as it gives an unnecessarily stoned tendency. A few clinical clients have said one hit is adequate and quiets all torture and stress. Others like it for the munchie sway; people that experience trouble eating might get themselves genuinely hungry following puffing on Sour OG.

Brandishing clients think about Sour OG unexpectedly. They say it is powerful and instigates whimsical great effects. They say the strain capacities outstandingly in the head, offering a cheery and effusive energy or an euphoric high. Youngsters ought to pick another strain. Harsh OG’s too wet smell exhibits a strong medicine best middled of the street or advanced marijuana clients who can manage its quieting and euphoric effects. We are the main internet based store where you can find the best sharp OG online with low cost.

Sharp OG grows well inside and outside with an ordinary sprouting time of around two months. Inside, fundamental hydroponics work honorably and the plant creates to medium stature. The plant’s colas have astounding plan and medium yield. Seeds are open feminized and clones are similarly open. Request Sour OG online at this point.


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